DC Hemophilia Walk 

October 22, 2016 at the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall

Frequently Asked Questions About Teams

- Who should be the Team Captain?
The person who has the most leadership skills on the team and is able to give the most time to the project.
- Is there a minimum or maximum number of walkers on a team?
No. Teams can be as small as two or three walkers or as large as hundreds of walkers.
- How much time will it take to be a Team Captain?
It’s hard to quantify how much time it takes to be a Team Captain. It really depends on each Team Captain and how much time/effort s/he puts into it. Being a Team Captain shouldn’t take too much time or be overwhelming – it should be fun!
- How are funds raised through my team?
Individual team members are responsible for setting personal fundraising goals and raising funds from family, friends and co-workers. Teams can also conduct special events to raise money.
- Can I walk if I don’t form a team?
Yes. We think you’ll have more fun if you join a team, but many walkers come individually.
- How do we raise money?​
Write a letter or send an e-mail to friends and family asking for their support. Our Web site, http://walk.hemophilia.org/Washington, offers a safe and secure way to send a donation. If you collect checks, bring them with you to the Walk.

Click on the Fundraising Tools tab to find instructions on how to form a team, along with other resources.

Team Resources

This year, NHF is working with Salk Marketing, a company located in Florida, to provide discounted rates for your team T-shirts. Click below for more details: 

For more information on creating a team T-shirt:

Interested in getting your place of business involved?

To learn how to Create a Walk Team or
Join a Walk Team please click on the Fundraising Tools link in the red bar above.

Team Contests

  • Team that traveled the farthest
  • Most creative team fundraising event
  • Best team t-shirt
  • Best team name
  • Largest team
  • Team with the most (number) of donations

Baxter will present the Top Fundraising Team Award to the top family/friends team (non-pharma/corporate).