DC Hemophilia Walk 

October 22, 2016 at the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall

2016 Walk Chair: Kristen Urbahn

Why We Walk

When our son William was born last year, the joy of his birth was accompanied by the news that he has hemophilia, a blood disorder that prevents his blood from clotting normally. After emergency brain surgery to stop and clear bleeding inside his head in his first week after his birth, he has made what the doctors describe as a "miraculous" recovery. 

William is now a rambunctious, adorable, fun and growing 14-month-old. He loves playing in the park and chasing after his big brother, Benjamin. None of this would have been possible without a combination of today's advanced medical technology, good doctors, and prayers.  

Surviving what he went through took no small amount of determination and fortitude on William's part as well. That's why we call him William the Conqueror. 

William will live with hemophilia for the rest of his life. While it is a difficult disorder that entails treatments and extra care, doctors and researchers are confident that a cure is on the horizon. 

That's why Keith and I are walking in the DC Hemophilia Walk on October 22.  We hope that many other families and people from the community will join us.

Kristen Urbahn

DC Hemophilia Walk Chair

Our 2015 Walk Chairs: Dana Brayshaw and Paul Brayshaw

Our 2014 Walk Chairs: 
Stephanie Phillips and Chrissy Kulenguski

Our 2013 Walk Chairs: 
Terry Stone and Michelle Steipler